Amish Commercial Interiors LLC was officially named in June of 2009, but the story of how it truly began started over two decades ago. In April of 1986 a new furniture store opened in Madison Wisconsin, Don's Collection of Antiques. The owners at the time were Don Kotlowski and his wife Pat Derer. Their daughter Tina and her boyfriend Blaine Neupert were involved right from the start.

As things progressed over the years the business grew and changed names. Don's Oak Furniture was what we became, only because the antique side of things started to be less and less a part of sales and oak antique reproduction furniture started to take hold. At the time oak was the dominate wood so the name stuck.

It didn't take long for the local businesses to discover the quality of the furniture that we were selling. By 1989 we had started heavily down a path of better end goods and were just starting to get involved with some Amish shops in Ohio. Several of these shops produced some of the best quality chairs and tables that the people of southern Wisconsin had ever seen. As the reputation grew, so did the business. And by the early 90's the business had outgrown the founders and it was sold to Blaine and Tina who were now married.

As things evolved over the last decade of the century, so did the business. Don's Oak Furniture became a well known name with a reputation for quality at a more than fair price. The business expanded and changed and when we thought it had gone far enough it changed again. It never quite seemed that it wanted to stay just a retail store. One business right after the other was approaching us wanting us to have the Amish build specific things for them.

As the first decade of the new century passed we tried to stay focused on just the retail side of things. We figured that if we stayed focused that we couldn't get distracted and derail the direction. But in late 2008 as the economy went over the edge it became clear that any business that was available to us was a very good thing.

In early 2009 the thought of opening a commercial division was put in motion. It wasn't until late spring that we were given that opportunity to prove just what we could do. A local restaurant was opening and the builder wanted to ask us to help with some of the table tops that were going to be part of the focal point of the space. They had been given quotes from some local woodworking shops that seemed a bit on the high side. When they approached us with these designs we were all for it. We contacted one of our Amish shops in Ohio and handed them back a quote for the 6 table tops that was in excess of $8,000 LESS than what they were being quoted by the other shops. Needless to say, the people involved were so impressed with that that they asked us to quote some other items for the space as well.

When the dust settled, the original 6 table tops had turned into all the rest of the tables, the booth and bench seating, gangster booth seating, stools for the bar, tables for the dining area, specialty pedestals for some of the tables, some VERY UNIQUE wall treatments behind the hostess station, and even some outdoor table tops that were made of wood but finished to resist the elements 24/7 365. Every step of the way the ability and flexibility of what the Amish shops could do was tested and passed every time.

It was decided by everyone involved that this commercial side of things had become very important and needed to be expanded. The name was given, the business cards were printed and the original 5 people that were involved made a commitment to make it successful. Those 5 people are:

  • Blaine Neupert – Sales and marketing and Interior specialist
  • Will Crary - Large account sales and Interior Specialist
  • Manny Weaver - Upholstery
  • Edward Schlabach - Finishing
  • Robert Miller - Case Goods/ Assembly
  • Brian Kyle - Commercial Furniture Manufacturer

Today we supply furniture to Universities and State offices as well as small mom and pop restaurants that seat 20 people. We can build most anything and have very few limitations on products used. The Amish shops we deal with can do all the same things a non Amish factory can but usually at a much lower price. On top of that, they have one big advantage, EVERYTHING IS MADE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!


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